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Founded in 1998, the company has been committed to the production and market development of rubber gloves for many years. Now it has developed into a professional manufacturer of rubber gloves, including latex gloves, industrial latex gloves, beef rubber gloves, and household velvet gloves. Household gloves, etc.
        Over the years, the factory has been researching new technologies and new technologies for rubber gloves. There are many advanced rubber glove production lines. The products are welcomed by customers and are sold nationwide, especially "Nanyang Brand", "Yangcheng Brand", "Huanan Brand". ", "Hengfeng", "New Oriental" and other rubber gloves have become well-known brands of rubber gloves.
     The factory will uphold the consistent "quality, letter contract" belief, and maintain good relations of cooperation with the new and old customers, and common development!

Professional manufacturer of latex gloves


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100 grams of yellow beef gloves      85g velvet red household gloves

75 grams of yellow beef gloves        75g velvet red household gloves
Black industrial gloves

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